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tv   America This Morning  ABC  May 2, 2011 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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this morning, public enemy number one is dead. osama bin laden, confirmed killed by american special forces. from ground zero to the white house, pure elation. [ chanting ] >> all: usa, usa, usa! >> he was the face of evil for so many families of 9/11. the man behind that day and other attacks. he taunted the u.s. from faraway hiding places. but he couldn't hide forever. >> a nearly decades long mission to find bin laden now complete. good morning. it is the news that some people thought would never come. >> osama bin laden was shot in the head and killed by u.s. navy s.e.a.l.s in an upscale city not
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far from the capital of pakistan. >> after confirming his identity by dna match, his body was buried at sea just hours ago in accordance with islamic law. we begin our coverage with emily schmidt in washington this morning. >> reporter: rob and peggy, good morning. for months, u.s. intelligence had focused on a mansion in pakistan. and suspicions that osama bin laden could be inside. friday, the president authorized a mission for the forces to go in and find out. yesterday, special forces finally killed their number one target. in a nine-minute statement late last night, the president announced the end of a nearly ten-year manhunt. >> the united states has conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden, the leader of al qaeda. a terrorist that is responsible for the murder of thousands of innocent men, women, and children.
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>> reporter: nearly 3,000 people died in the 9/11 attacks. by the end of 2001, u.s. forces were bombing in afghanistan, searching for bin laden. yesterday, aavy s.e.a.l.s raided this mansion in abottabad, pakistan. 40 minutes later, bin laden was dead. >> we can do whatever we set our mind to. >> all: usa, usa, usa! >> reporter: within minutes of the president's speech, jubilant crowds gathered outside the white house. and the celebrations continued in new york. charles wolf's wife died in the world trade center. >> we beat them at their own game. we didn't give up. >> reporter: is search for bin laden began under former president george w. bush, who said in a written statement, no matter hong it takes, justice will be done. aresident warns, there is no doubt al
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qaeda will continue to pursue attacks against the u.s. overnight, the state department issued a worldwide travel alert. police departments all around the country are stepping up security. but officials tell abc news, as of right now, there are no specific threats against specific tar gets. rob and peggy? >> thank you so much, emily schmidt, this morning. as you saw in emily's piece, family members of 9/11 victims are speaking out. >> we got reaction from the sister of the pilot of the plane that was flown into the pentagon. take a listen. >> i'm elated. i'm elated that this man, this evil, evil, bad man, who has so much blood on his hands is now dead. i hope very much that we get to see pictures of his lifeless body. because i think it's going to be very important for the world to see that. >> and we'll have much more reaction from 9/11 family members coming up later in the broadcast. >> as we mentioned, news of bin
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laden's death set off several m impromptu celebrations here in new york. the celebrations were impossible to miss. chris cuomo was among the celebrations at ground zero. >> reporter: you're seeing the whole range. there are vim tims' families two have come down. people are on the phone, they're crying. they're calling people to come here and gather. you're hearing things like we're all family tonight. yet, you're hearing the reserved hostility for osama bin laden and a lot of the ugliness that goes along with thatith thatthe justice. but there's not nearly as much of that as there is celebration. the singing of the national anthem. i'm looking at a dozen flags now waving. it's not unlike new year's eve. as one distant family member told me, in her mind, everything begins anew because of this. >> some sense of closure we hope for those families. his death in no way ends the nation's fight against
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terrorism. there are nearly 100,000 americans in afghanistan waging that battle as we speck. >> important to remember that. for reporting from that weregio we're joined by mike boettcher, from afghanistan this morning. good morning, mike. >> reporter: we received a message within 15 minutes from the spokesman for david petraeus. the international commander here in kabul. let me read that to you. isaf congratulates the u.s. special pop rations and intelligence element that conducted the operation. the operation struck a blow to al qaeda and its affiliates. the head quarters stopped the routine though watch the president's announcement and resumed the normal battle rhythm. and that normal battle rhythm right now is responding to taliban threats to begin their spring offensive. they said it began yesterday,
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but there hasn't been a lot of activity out there yet. it's quiet on the streets of kabul. the president of afghanistan made a speech to subgovernors about an hour and a half ago in which he said this killing of bin laden in pakistan demonstrates what he said all along, that the war against terror is not centered in afghanistan but elsewhere in the world. american troops, we have had no reaction from them yet, because we're frankly being kept away. they want to keep this low key. they do not want to inflame passions here by pictures of american troops celebrating. or saying we're glad bin laden is dead. you won't see too much reaction like that today. rob and peggy? >> he was not found in a cave or the mountains. he was found in this mansion. just a few hundred feet from a pakistani military base. how big an embarrassment is that for the pakistani intelligence community that osama was literally in their backyard?
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>> reporter: it's an embarrassment not because they didn't know about it. but according to many sources in western and arab intelligence agencies that i have spoken to over the years, the pakistani intelligence service, some members knew where he was for most of the last 9 1/2 years. and so, it's an embarrassment in that regard if this is proven to be true. ther there is no way he could be there without them knowing it. i will say this. i just returned from the border where there has been a huge fight going on. after al qaeda and taliban elements. i was with a unit that lost six u.s. soldiers. across the border, the pakistani army was helping the u.s. fight. they lost almost 100 soldiers. the pakistan army has been helpful in some sections of the northeast. in trying to fight al qaeda and taliban. >> all r cert. certainly lots of questions. thanks, mike boettcher, for that
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great report live in kabul this morning. a weather update. severe weather in the south. gusty winds, isolated tornadoes. there's flooding around little rock, memphis, louisville. up to a half foot of snow in the northern rockies. and cascades. showers in the pacific northwest. windy across west texas and new mexico. >> meanwhile, 57 in albuquerque. 83 in phoenix. 78 in sacramento. 57 in chicago. 54 in dallas. miami, 85, atlanta, 82, new york, 68. the news of bin laden's death is boosting overseas stock markets. we'll have the numbers coming back. and also this morning, bracing for possible retaliation. what the fbi told abc news overni
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welcome back, everyone. it's the top sthe the world this morning. al qaeda leader, osama bin laden, has been killed by u.s. forces during a firefigh pakit if pakistan. after confirming his identity by a dna match, his body was buried at sea according to islamic tradition. >> a lot of people didn't think this day would come. but it is here. unfortunately, bin laden's death has raised fears about a possible retaliation against americans abroad. the state department has just released a warning. >> u.s. embassies remain on hig. pierre thomas spoke to an official about the threat.
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>> reporter: they're not taking a moment to enjoy this too much. they're saying, we have to worry about al qaeda in afghanistan, in pakistan, and in yemen. in the arabian peninsula. it's specially anwar al awlaki. he's being seen as an imminent threat than bin laden was. police in new york say they're stepping up patrols at major areas. >> bin laden's death is having a positive effect on financial markets. as soon as the president made the announcement, the dollar rose. overseas markets went up as americans celebrated as well. the traders are more confident in the u.s. for now. the nikkei average is up. the hang seng is down slightly. in london, the ftse opened up also very slightly. when we come back, on this historic monday morning.
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spontaneous celebrations here in the u.s. crowds have been up all night, elated with the news of bin laden's death. and, of course, everyone thinking of the 9/11 families who are now sharing the joy. you'll hear from some of them. you're watching coverage of the death of osama bin laden. the weight started coming off. ahh! oh my gosh! [ laughs ] we're college kids, we go out all the time. having my food tracker what i'm having at the restaurant. i lost 73 pounds with weight watchers online. i don't think i've ever smiled this much in my whole life. it kind of hurts my cheeks. [ female announcer ] hurry, join for free today. weight watchers online. finally, losing weight clicks. [ female announcer ] hurry, join for free today. man: and all the pens are put down... woman: and everything there is to learn is learned. man: till the heroes retire and the monsters return to their dens... woman: and all the plots are wrapped up.
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for a full 24 hours. prevent the acid that causes frequent heartburn all day, all night. now we are free. happy. with prevacid®24hr, happiness is a day without heartburn. ♪ those are just some of the scenes overnight as thousands of americans gathered in celebration of osama bin laden's death. >> president obama broke the news to the nation late last night. the mission began with a tip last august. >> last week, i determined we had enough intelligence to take action. and authorized an operation to get osama bin laden and bring
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him to justice. today, at my direction, the united states launched a targeted operation against that compound in abottabad, pakistan. a small team of americans carried out the operation with extraordinary courage and capability. no americans were harmed. they took care to a void civilian casualties. after a fire fight, they killed osama bin laden and took custody of his body. >> it did not take long after president obama made that statement for spontaneous celebrations to break out. here in new york, large crowds gathered in times square and at ground zero as well.e white thousands celebrated with patriotic chants and waving flags. >> more reaction from one of the many americans who lost a loved one on 9/11. >> charles wolf's wife was killed in the word trade center.
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he told george stephanopoulos it was not something he was waiting for, but it was wonderful to hear. >> i'm so pleased because there is no court on earth that could do justice to what this man does, what he did, along with what ksm did. this man's evil energy has been taken off of our planet. and god will throw his soul to the depths of hell. president bush described it as good and evil. the evil that man led, there will be major shift in that whole thing. you'll see a difference over the next few months. that is -- that energy is off of this planet. >> you say this is not something you have been waiting for. but clearly something you have been hoping for. how important is it to havmethis
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moment?>> >> there's a degree of satisfaction. and not necessarily of satisfaction that he's dead. because as i said, the judge of all people, the judge of all things will take care of that. what it is is that we beat them at their own game. we didn't give up. you take president obama, and he called for the end of the war, but when he got into office, he saw the reality of the situation and kept on the strategy that president bush had started. and he kept on. and i know our men in uniform want the same thing. i live in greenwich village. i see the troops there. i thank them, i cry with them. and i know that they have us in their heart, too. we beat them at their own game. we didn't give up. ten years. >> many of the papers celebrating this, too. it's bittersweet because it will bring back a lot of the emotions of september 11th, as you see, the headline of captured. fthe images from september you 11, 2001, as we approach here,
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the ten-year anniversary. this is good news for people that wanted to see this come to the end with a capture of osama bin laden. >> it will bring back emotions. and definitely anger is one emotion. the daily news captured that best, perhaps. this headline, rot in hell. >> a sentiment shared by many. >> it's the story around the world this morning. it will bring back so much as we come to the tenth anniversary. what a special meaning the anniversary will take on now that the master mind has been captured. >> and you hear the sentiment from the survivors. osama bin laden was discovered in a compound in pakistan. >> abcnshifrin joins us life this morning. where are you? >> reporter: i'm right outside of abottabad. it's a beautiful town known for tourism. it's known as an army town. this is where the pakistan
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military academy, the equivalent of west point, is located. and for bin laden to be found in the vicinity of one of the most secure buildings, one of the most secure compounds, one of the most secure areas of this country is obviously going to raise a lot of questions in the country about why the pakistani intelligence service didn't know about it and obviously, some u.s. officials already questioning whether bin laden had been hidden here specifically. we're right outside the city now. and this is where, about eight hours ago, bin laden was killed. >> we're hearing more details. barbed wire on top of ten-foot walls, no television, no telephone service going in and out. all of these things raising suspicions for people. >> reporter: they went so far as burning the garbage that came out of the house within the compound walls to make sure
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nobody could rifle through it. that begs the question, how could local residents, this is -- these are people who live on both pakistan and the afghan side of the border, pashtun is the majority ethnicity here, who have widely communicated through word of mouth. and so in these communities, everybody knows who is there. everybody knows what is going on. everybody knows what changes. for a house to be built a few years ago that is according to u.s. officials, five, six, seven times as large as anything around it, it begs the question, whether local residents did know. the ones we talked to so far said, look, we did not know who was living in there. that is common. these houses have large, large walls on the outside of them that is designed to keep the family private. and so nobody inure in or out, it seems, to that area. but still, it does seem strange
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next on "abc 7 news,". >> we can say to those families that have lost loved ones to al-qaeda, justice has been done. >> the most intensive manhunt in history comes to an end an officials say osama bin laden was killed in a mansion hundred yards from the pakistani military academy. new details about the fire fight that let led to his death. >> fewer more clouds. warming trend by mid-week. >> at 4:30. welcome back, everyone. just to recap our major breaking news this morning. al qaeda leader osama bin laden is dead.
4:28 am
he was killed by u.s. navy s.e.a.l.s who carried out a raid in a city in northern pakistan. >> and now a u.s. official tells us that bin laden's body was buried at sea earlier this morning in accordance with islamic law. law enforcement is stepping up security in case of retaliation. it may be ironic that osama bin laden was killed just as a new documentary about the 9/11 attacks makes its debut. >> it was made by a teenager who witnessed the attacks firsthand. david muir reports. >> i remember the crumbling of the towers crumbling in. >> reporter: brook peters was just 4 on that day. he knew many of the firemen that rushed to the towers. raised by a single mother, she would take him to the fire house so he would have male role
4:29 am
models. and on 9/11, it was one of those firefighters with who offered him the words he would never forget. >> grow up to be a good man. >> reporter: he saw the towers falling, the workers jumping. for years, struggled to make sense of it all. he decided to make a documentary, interviewing other student and teachers who witnessed it too. >> i remember being on the ground, putting my head to the ground. saying a prayer the whole time. i was so afraid. >> reporter: he's now 14. his documentary premiered this weekend, not far from ground zero. >> brook peters. >> i never talked about it until i started interviewing kids. if they're able to talk about it, i should be able to be more vocal about my experience that day. brook told us he wants to continue the make films. he wants to be a firefighter, too. david muir, abc news, new york. >> a lot of people do. firefighters there, they were heroes


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